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We believe there's a better way to manage one of your most precious customer experiences.

At Aboard, we know how hard it is for restaurants and bars to keep up with today’s rapidly changing regulations around health and safety. It’s clear that allowing customers to view and interact with a menu on their phones is the easiest way to keep things sanitary. The problem is you probably aren’t tech-savy or know how to design and update mobile-friendly menus on your own. This can make you feel reliant on expensive designers and web developers that can take forever to make even the smallest changes. We believe restaurant and bar management shouldn’t need to be an expert in web design to quickly publish beautiful menus that make them more money. That’s why we’ve created the world’s easiest mobile menu manager. Get started in minutes with three easy steps: First, sign up for a free account. Second, create a menu and select a theme. Finally, share your unique link or generated QR codes with guests.


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